Unit Type
Vasaka Bali consists of 4 gated residential clusters, namely the Evara, Dhama, Bhava, and Asta clusters, each cluster has their own Fitness Center, tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool, barbecue pits, yoga place, and children’s playground facilities.

► Evara (Land: 105m², Building: 110m², 2+1 Bed, 3+1 Bath)
► Grand Evara (Land: 105m², Building: 125m², 2+1 Bed, 3+1 Bath)
► Dhama (Land: 128m², Building: 140m², 3+1 Bed, 3+1 Bath)
► Bhava (Land: 200m², Building: 260m², 4+1 Bed, 4+1 Bath)
► Grand Bhava (Land: 300m², Building: 550m², 7 Bed, 7 Bath)


Surrounded by nature, a complete amenities, and everything you need within easy reach. Each house consist of 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, 1 powder room, parking lot, and maid quarter. This cluster is a perfect place for you and your family to relax after a tiring day.


Comprising of modern design style, simplistic look, and rustic ambiance, each house consist of 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, 2 parking lots, and 1 maid quarter. This house is ideal for you and your family and the perfect place to call forever home.


A stunning modern designed house with modern features, built with high standards, surrounded by a breathtaking view, and complete amenities. This cluster is an ideal place for you and your family to live a comfortable, private, and luxurious lifestyle. Each house consist of 4 spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, 2 parking lots and garages, lift, 1 maid quarter, powder room, and also study room.


Vasaka Bali is the first multi-family housing in Bali which located in Cluster Asta. This cluster has 3 units of 2 bedrooms, 2 units of 1 bedroom, and 2 units studio. Also, equipped with facilities, such as 7 parking lots, motorcycle garage, lift, etc. Whether you are an employee, a newlywed, or just want to invest in houses, this multi-family house is a perfect place for you and your family to live a luxurious lifestyle.